How to Seduce your Spouse with the New You

As part of efforts to win your spouse back, you have probably made drastic changes on two levels - emotional and physical.

By emotional, we mean the changes you have endeavored to make to reconnect with your spouse such as becoming more understanding of his/her needs and by improving communication between the two of you. By physical, we mean the efforts you have made to make yourself desirable in his/her eyes once again such as getting back into shape or changing your overall look.

But after all this and your spouse is still not making a move to take you back into his/her arms, then you need to put matters into your hands! How? Seduction comes to mind.

Setting the Stage for Seduction

Firstly, try to seduce your spouse with gifts. Nothing dramatic, just a little item here and there. The point is to show your spontaneous side and to peek the curiosity of your spouse.

Secondly, FLIRT. Nothing works like a little flirtation to make your spouse start wanting and lusting after you. Play a little 'cat and mouse'; be available or reachable some times and other times not. Seduce him/her on the phone too! Make naughty calls now and then or 'accidentally' talk about sex while having a seemingly innocent discussion.

Of course, flirting need not be verbal alone. Seduce your spouse visually every now and then. For women, don't wear a bra when your husband comes along to pick or drop off the kids. For men, be 'caught' working hard in the garden. without your shirt on of course.

Now that you have your spouse interested and thinking about you again, go out on a date. The setting really depends on what your spouse is comfortable with. You can go out on a date with the normal movie-dinner combo and perhaps a late drink at a bar or pub somewhere. Actually, since the point is to seduce your spouse, it might be best that you are in a place that is NOT familiar. This will help your spouse behave in a more irrational way, which is exactly what you want.

On the other hand, having a date at your home enables you to be more in control of the evening. Start by planning the dinner meticulously! Of course, your home should also be primed for passion. Carelessly (but innocently) leave a copy of the Kama Sutra somewhere where your spouse can see it, set up romantic candles, throw cushions carelessly on the floor, change the bed sheets. well, you get the picture.

Of course, dress seductively and underneath all this, be prepared with shockingly sexy lingerie. This may not be much of an issue with men trying to seduce their wives but for all the women out there, nothing will make your husband forget all sense more than hot and searing lingerie!

Seduction will bring your spouse to the door but will it make him/her take you back? This brings us to our last tip - be a total surprise in bed! What do you think the Kama Sutra book was for.?