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Welcome to SaveMarriageTips.com - Below are my side by side comparisons of 3 of the top How to Prevent Divorce resources available online. Save My Marriage Today is our number one. In it you will find what we believe to be the best advice available to stop your divorce. This guide is easy to relate, and covers the issues that many couples face in a marriage crisis including infedelity in marriage, living in a 'loveless marriage', and many other marriage problems. Save The Marriage is our number 2 guide, as it contains the wisdom and step by step instruction needed in these times of difficulty.

Best of all, all of the marriage rescue guides we recommend can be downloaded in the next 5 minutes, so you can start working on saving your marriage immediately.

Number One:  Save My Marriage Today

Amy Waterman's 'Save My Marriage Today' is the complete package to help you understand how to prevent divorce, where to start, as well as the difficulties to expect along the way, and how to overcome them. The information is presented clearly, and easy to understand and relate to your own situation.

Amy and her team have the experience and knowledge to help you deal with a variety of relationship issues, including marriage and infidelity and how to prevent divorce even when it seems inevitable. Inside the members area you will find members forum, where you can share with others in a similar position or if you prefer, you can email the team for a personal email consultation.

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Runner Up:  Save The Marriage

Save the Marriage takes a technical approach to dealing with marital issues. Dr. L. Beucom has been working in the relationship field for 17 years, and has combined all of her wisdom into her book 'Save the Marriage.' In reading her book you will get a look into the issues at hand, and how to resolve them and ultimately stop your divorce.

While the presentation of this guide is not the most reader-friendly, the wisdom is invaluable and provides a good contrast to 'Save My Marriage Today.'

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Third Place:  Keep Your Marriage

'Keep Your Marriage' is our third guide. You may have difficulties with the basic layout of this eBook, but once you get past this, the advice on how to prevent divorce is very useful. The quality of advice and information is the equal to the help marriage counselors provide, as author, Nancy Wasson has had years of counseling experience.

If you don't mind the bland presentation of this book, you will find what Nancy's has to say very eye opening and productive.

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