Number One: Save My Marriage Today
This package covers everything you need to know about how to save a marriage. Amy's methods & ideas are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Save my Marriage Today includes a helpful relationship blog and members forum, and with every copy you receive a free email consultation with the team to help resolve specific issues in your marriage.
Runner Up: Save The Marriage
This eBook offers a lot of helpful information about the steps to take to save your marriage, as well as some interesting insights about relationships in general.

Dr. Baucom's 17 years of experience is evident when reading the book, however the writing style is a little 'technical' and can at times be difficult to relate.
Third Place: Keep Your Marriage
'Keep Your Marriage' is our third resource. This guide is written by Nancy Wasson & Lee Hefner.

Although 'Keep your marriage is definitely lacking in terms of presentation, the information, if both parties are committed can be a real eye opener & very helpful on your quest to save this marriage in difficulty.